Why Choose a Catholic School? - Detroit Catholic Schools Why Choose a Catholic School?
Why choose a

Catholic School?

Preparation for life that goes beyond test scores

Minds Prepared to Thrive

To be a place where each student's full potential is realized, our schools are committed to offering an academically excellent curriculum that goes beyond increasing their ability to score well on tests. It includes forming minds to think critically, solve problems, and understand the unique and individual strengths to prepare them to thrive in the world.

Hearts Ready to Transform the World

Inside each student is a heart with the power to serve and change the world. This desire is inherent in our Catholic faith and a gift of the Holy Spirit – to desire and work for the good of others.

Affordable and Accessible

Our mission is for Detroit Catholic schools to be accessible to all by embracing the rich cultural diversity and traditions of God’s children.

The Archdiocese and its schools offer tuition assistance and scholarship programs to help make a Catholic education possible.

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