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Cycle I 2021

Sept. – Virtues

Oct. - Charity

Nov. - Faith

Dec. - Hope

Cycle I 2022

Jan. - Justice

Feb. - Temperance

March - Fortitude

April – Prudence

May – Mary

Virtue Project

The Virtues lesson plans were created to strengthen the Catholic Identity of our Catholic Day Schools and our afterschool Religious Education Programs.

Dear Virtues Project Users:

During the 2021-2022 school year we will be working in Cycle I of the Virtue Project. The focus and content of the lesson plans will cover the Theological and Cardinal Virtues. In the resources you will find a very useful chart with a definition of each virtue and a scripture and catechism reference. This background material is meant to help the teacher in preparation for teaching each lesson. Each month lesson plans for the various grades will be posted. The first lesson for September will be an overview of virtues with one lesson plan containing different activities for different grades. The last lesson plan in May will have a similar format and focus on Mary, as a great example of living out the virtues.

If you have a lesson for one of the Theological and Cardinal Virtues that you would like to share with your fellow catechists, you can use the lesson plan template in the Virtue Lessons folder. The template is a word document and can be found below the resources. When the lesson is complete you can send it via e-mail to [email protected]. Also, if you have a good idea to modify an existing lesson you may use the On-Line Lesson Plan Modification Form below. May the teaching and focus on the Virtues help our students to become Disciples of Christ! If you have any questions about the Virtues Project feel free to contact me at (313) 596-7332 or [email protected] .

May God bless each of you and the work of your ministries!

In Christ,
Greg Carnacchi

Online Lesson Plan Modification Form

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