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St. Isaac Jogues School

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The members of the St. Isaac Jogues Catholic community strive for excellence in faith, academics and virtuous living. We are St. Isaac Jogues: where Christ is our Teacher.

At St. Isaac’s, we work from an understanding that to educate a child in the wonders of the world is to educate that child in God Himself. With the understanding that every person is first and foremost a child of God, created with a unique personality and skills, “new” developments in the world of education combined with the “old” heritage of Catholic education help us to provide a quality education to 21st Century learners.

When the “new” and the “old” are fostered within the context of a rich Catholic culture, our students achieve the self-mastery and discipline necessary to live truly fulfilled and excellent lives. As we strive to become disciples of Christ, we are preparing our students with the doctrinal, sacramental, moral and prayer foundation necessary to live life to the full - a life worthy of the name of Christian.

Sr. Catherine Marie, O.P.


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